Realization process

Models of cooperation

A cooperation model recommended by us and appreciated by investors is „design and construct” ; however, at your request, we may divide this important process into two stages: a designing stage and a constructional stage. Each will consist of well-defined steps of the presented offer.

Satisfaction guarantee

A cooperation with S Atelier is subject to satisfaction guarantee. Each customer receives a dedicated project manager, who remains at his or her full disposal.

Financial transparency

Along with the finished construction project you will receive a schedule of construction works and financing stages. The following work will be realized on the basis of these documents. Each step will be funded separately, in two tranches – before starting and after finishing it.

Only fully proven contractors

We know that in order to produce creative solutions a talent and excellent tools are necessary. Therefore, among the companies we had been cooperating with on previous projects we chose leaders in the construction industry and manufacturers of luxury finishing elements as regular partners. Based on their offer we prepare for you different versions of equipment, according to the budget and design.

Stages of cooperation