About us

S Atelier arose from the necessity of introducing a residential architecture on a global level into the Polish market; one that arises from needs and dreams of the Investor and has impressive artistic qualities.

We cooperate with prestigious architectural studios from Poland and from abroad. We combine classic English, French and Italian influences with modern motifs. In order to make sure that our designers’ intentions will be realized in a perfect way, we also took over a responsibility for execution matters.

We entered into cooperation with the best specialists in construction, leading finishing companies and artists in Poland; thus the idea of a comprehensive service of the luxury mansions’ construction arose.

We fulfill the desires of those who are not satisfied with standard solutions. We establish relationships with customers and next we design with their wishes in mind; in consequence mansions built by S Atelier are unique. Each project is the entirety of Investor’s preferences, his family’s lifestyle and architect’s inspiration.

We have been gaining experience in European markets (among others in Poland, Germany, France and England) and in the American market, designing villas and luxury apartments. Through the years we have gained valuable knowledge of how to satisfy the most demanding customers. We fully understand how important it is to ease our Investors, just for our respect of their time.

Cooperation with S Atelier shall allow you to forget about absorbing sides of the construction and reduce decision making to the key aspects. During the first appointment a customer reveals his or her dream of a new house, during the last one sets a deadline to move to already fully furnished mansion.


S Atelier team is very professional, hard-working and well organized. As customers we were very pleased with the transparency of the budget, commitment in keeping the costs within and high communication skills. The construction process never became overwhelming because we always had a scheduled program, which gave us much comfort while making particular decisions. We recommend a cooperation with S Atelier for each potential investor.
S Atelier prepares the entire construction process very well; the bussiness model proposed by S Atelier is efficient, effective, resultful and carried out in accordance with established stages. Work progress is balanced, schedules are maintained and costs set out in details. We willingly recommend such a model of cooperation to our friends, guaranteeing them full satisfaction.
We built our first house with S Atelier; we chose to cooperate in a model “design and construct” fully trusting designers and the whole team; the final result is stunning. Owing to the cooperation with S Atelier we were able to fit in an estimated budget and realization time. The transparency of conditions gave us full comfort at every stage of the investment. We recommend S Atelier as a reliable contractor of complex and demanding construction projects.